Band merch used to be a symbol of true fandom. Today, it's a fashion accessory that anyone can buy, without having even listened to a single song. But there's one thing that proves whether you're a fan or not: Spotify's listening data. That's why we launched Super Fan Collection – band merch that's only available to top 1% listeners, based on Spotify data.

The collection was launched together with Sweden's hottest artists in 2022, including BELL, LOAM, Miss Li, and more. Together, they have over 100+ million streams.
20+ million streams.
55+ million streams.
65+ million streams.
250+ million streams.
We also opened a physical retail store, where the most dedicated fans could claim their exclusive merch. The store opened just next to H&M. While they sold merch to the masses, this store sold only to the real fans.
The items became so hyped, one later sold for over $3000 at an auction.