We were briefed to create a social media campaign for Ballantine's. At a time when all other brands were doing real-time social, we created an idea that took almost two years to happen. We realised that there was no whisky emoji. So we went through the tedious official application process and submitted our proposed symbol to The Unicode Consortium (the organization that controls emojis) on November 19, 2014. Then we waited. Almost two years later, on June 21, 2016, it was released for Unicode 9.0. Thanks to Ballantine's, there is now a whisky emoji on every smartphone in the world.

"Whisky Emoji Is Now Available For Your iPhone. Cheers!"


As it was released officially by Unicode, every major social media platform and operating system incorporated their own design of the whisky emoji. The whisky emoji is available across all platforms for anyone to use and share their love for whisky. It is essentially a new letter in the digital alphabet.


This tiny icon had a massive reach. Available on all popular devices, chat apps, and social media, the icon has reached pretty much anyone with an internet connection. Countless celebrities, influencers, and brands have used it on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

"Ballantine's has championed a glass of whiskey"