Herbrand Seven-Eleven

Walsh is the only owned, designed and manufactured athletic footwear brand left in the U.K. Yet, few people outside of Bolton know about it. In collaboration with Walsh, we launched a limited-edition trainer inspired by the stunning art deco car park that is now the McCann London office. Sewn together by hand in Northern England, the Herbrand Seven-Eleven is more than just a trainer. It is a celebration of British craftsmanship and design.


We designed a magazine for the Herbrand Seven-Eleven that further highlighted the architectural influence on the trainer design. All imagery was shot in and around 7-11 Herbrand Street together with Lee Grubb and John Martin.

Peaks of Walsh

Walsh has its roots in fell running, a distinctly northern sport in which athletes run across mountains and among clouds. At the peak of all these mountains you will find a cairn, a stone formation created by people who have reached the top. We used this symbol to create a window display that celebrated the greatest trainers in the history of Walsh. This was the centrepiece of a larger Walsh retrospective we designed and hosted at McCann London.