Visit Xbox

Xbox One X Enhanced games have better graphics, smoother motion, and more life-like detail. But technical specs alone would not convince people to buy these game. Therefore, we launched not just a campaign, but a new form of tourism. Visit Xbox is a global platform that encourages gamers explore the amazing worlds in games. Across film, social, print, and more, Xbox started acting like a tourist board.


We created a bespoke site that reimagines how people find and buy games. Now, instead of looking for certain genres or titles, people will search for different types of locations, from vibrant cities to exotic wilderness. On the site, users could also create customised postcards from games and buy holiday-themed console bundles.


We used rich social formats to encourage people to look around these amazing places.

Print & OOH

Live guided tours

We hosted live guided tours in Forza, inviting people to see the most stunning locations.

The Rough Guide to Xbox

We worked with renowned travel guide publishing house Rough Guides to create the first guide book to games. (To be published in August)