Survival Billboard

The new Tomb Raider game reimagined heroine Lara Croft as a gritty survivalist. So instead of doing a normal outdoor campaign, we turned an advertising channel into an entertainment channel. Survival Billboard was a billboard on which eight gamers stood in a test of grit and inner strength. The last fan standing would win. The contestants faced blizzards, downpours, wind and heat, controlled by the public via a live stream. Viewers gave up sleep to watch the billboard, supporting and speculating about the people on it.

Awards: Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show, Clios, Webbys, Andys, Creative Circle, Campaign Big and more.

Recruitment campaign

We created long-form copy ads and posters that focused solely on what other ads try to hide: the terms & conditions. The ads explained in detail all the gruelling experiences that a contestant would face on the billboard.

"Xbox has stepped up to the plate."

- Digital Buzz Blog

"There are video game stunts. And then there is this."

- Eurogamer

"Xbox's survival stunt brings us one step closer to Hunger Games."

- The Verge